Volunteer Firefighters and EMS personnel needed

Help your community in a very important special way and help protect your family and neighbors.

What we offer
The Wantagh Fire Department has available to its members many schools and training courses that can help an individual start a career. We offer our members the opportunity to become and Emergency Medical Technician (EMT) and/or a Firefighter, as well as a Hazardous Materials Technician or Underwater Search and Rescue Diver. WFD offers a great social environment that allows you to meet new people and make new friends. Every year the WFD hosts a July 4th Picnic, a Holiday Party and a Department Drill where members compete against each other to show off their skills. Members have the opportunity to play on the Department Softball Team and to attend various golf outings and parades. There are many other dinner events members can attend where food and music are top rate.

What's involved if I join
Members perform a variety of tasks including fire prevention, public education, weekly trainings, community events and emergency response. Emergency calls come at all hours of the day or night. Firefighters and firemedics must be able to get themselves to the firehouse, dress in their protective equipment, get onto emergency vehicles quickly and without incident when responding to an emergency call. Emergency calls can include structure fires, ambulance calls, auto accidents, brush fires, water rescues, hazardous materials incidents, and any other emergency the community needs for us for. All calls, regardless of type, must be responded to quickly and professionally.

Firefighting is one of the most physically demanding occupations there is. Firefighters must enter burning structures, search for victims, find the source of the fire, and determine the best way to extinguish the fire. While performing firefighting functions firefighters carry anywhere from 50 to 100 pounds of equipment. This includes protective equipment, breathing apparatus, and tools. Firefighters are often required to cut locks, and break windows or doors to gain entrance to a structure. Climbing ladders is also an important part of firefighting in order to rescue victims and ventilate smoke. Operating high pressure hose lines to extinguish the fire is also an important part of firefighting. Members must be able to drag carry or hoist hose lines into position for operation.

Emergency medical treatment is an important service we provided by the Wantagh FD. Members attend training for months in order to become a NYS Certified Emergency Medical Technician. Once a Certified EMT, members respond on the ambulance to all types of emergency calls which make up over half of our alarms annually. In addition to alarm response, ambulance personnel attend various EMS stand bys at different community events such as High School football games and community carnivals.

WE Need YOU!!!

For over 100 years, in the cold of winter or heat of summer, the Wantagh Fire Department has been there to answer your call for help, quickly and professionally. Now, we’re asking YOU to answer the call. Join now to become part of an organization of men and women just like you, dedicated to helping their neighbors.
We offer many benefits including:
• Retirement benefits
• Property tax reduction
• Eligible for Volunteer Firefighter Tuition Assistance Program
• Gym membership discount
• Chance to be a Hero & to Save a Life

Explorer Post 690

The Wantagh Fire Department Explorer Post 690 was first chartered by the Boy Scouts of America on March 22, 1999.

The purpose of Explorer Post 690, is to provide a unique opportunity for teens 14 to 18 years of age firsthand experience in emergency services. The goals of the Wantagh Fire Department, as the sponsor of the Post, is to encourage these youngsters to strengthen their interest in the fire service and at age 18, join the ranks of the Wantagh Fire Department.

The Wantagh Fire Department supports this goal by providing an opportunity for the Explorers to learn more about the science of fire fighting and emergency medical services. Each meeting, training is provided by members of the Wantagh Fire Department. Classroom instruction and hands on training in many of the facets of fire fighting and emergency medical services are provided at our training facility. Explorers learn the terminology and scientific principles of the fire fighter's role in the fire service when in the classroom. They attend lectures by experienced fire fighters, view videos of actual fire and emergency situations and then go outdoors to participate in hands on experiences under the strict supervision of experienced fire fighters. Each year, topics of Emergency Medical Services, Vehicle Extrication, (including the use of Air Bags, Hand Tools and Power Tools), Engine Appliances & Extinguishers, Hazardous Materials Operation, Ladder and Truck Tools, are some of the scheduled training sessions.

Throughout the course of the school year, Sept. thru June, Explorers are exposed to many of the probationary course topics that all fire fighters must take and pass. This includes everything except indoor live fire training. Explorers utilize the same personal protective gear that EMT and firefighter use, including Self Contained Breathing Apparatus (SCBA). Explorers are certified each year in CPR/AED and First Aid, through the Nassau County Emergency Medical Services Academy. They may become a NYS certified First Responder and/or Emergency Medical Technician, if the opportunity arises.

The Explorers are involved in other activities. The Explorers participate in the Fire Prevention Program by assisting with demonstrations. They march with the Wantagh Fire Department in the Memorial Day Parade, July 4th Parade and the 6th Battalion Parade. The Explorers have been active in assisting at many of the department activities. The Explorers participate in several Musters. They have put together a team to compete against about 15 other Explorer Posts or Juniors. Some of the events are running hose, ladder climbs, efficiency, etc. Over the years, they have won many awards.

In the summer, the Explorers participate in the Putnam County Fire Explorer weekend. They camp out and meet and socialize with other youngsters from all over the region. On Saturday, they participate in skills training. Sunday, they participate in a skills competition usually based upon the prior days training at the Putnam County Fire Service academy. Explorers who have gone on to join the ranks of the Wantagh Fire Department, as well as careers in the Emergency Services field measure the success of the program. Since the Explorer Post's beginning, many Explorers have joined the Wantagh Fire Department. A few have become EMTs. Others have been elected to firematic officers. The program provides Explorers with career options and exposes them to the world of Emergency Services.

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