A Message from the Chief

As we prepare for the upcoming year, we look back at all that has been accomplished throughout the years.  Our families continue to grow and our community continues to build upon itself.  The Wantagh Volunteer Fire Department is no exception to this change.  We continue to support our community every day and provide the very best services to our neighbors.  To ensure that the Wantagh Volunteer Fire Department can continue to move forward with the changing times and provide the best emergency services possible for the community, we respectfully ask for your assistance. 

The average homeowner in the Wantagh Fire District will pay less than $1 per day for fire and EMS protection.  This is because we have over 240 brave men and women who provide services to our great community 24 hours per day, 365 days a week.  The Members of the Wantagh Volunteer Fire Department by the years end will have answered approximately 2,500 emergency calls, ranging from Fire’s, EMS, Automobile Accidents, Water Emergencies, and many other types of emergencies. All of them have answered the call to duty while at the same time raising a family and supporting themselves.  They have left many of a dinner table and family gathering to answer your call for assistance and each year we ask for your help in return. 

Despite this momentous task, we still need your help and that of your neighbors.  We are always looking for new members to join our ranks and continue to support this worthy cause.   If you are interested, you may go to our website at www.wantaghfd.com and click the Join Us Today tab.   In addition to new members to sustain this organization, we could also use your financial support.  You may donate by mailing in your donation or going to our website and clicking on the Donate Now tab.  

We would like to thank you all for your continued support and please donate what you can as it goes a long way to support our mission in protecting this great community. 


Joseph C. Gross 3rd

Chief of Department